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Biswa Bangla

Posted by | June 27, 2018 | Brand

Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Textiles of the Government of West Bengal has promoted Biswa Bangla Marketing Corporation to improve the quality of life of Bengal’s handloom weavers, craftspersons and custodians of heritage.

Biswa Bangla strives to advance the cross-cultural understanding of Bengal’s art and craft at a global level through identification, documentation, conservation and often revival of the traditional arts of the state of West Bengal.

The organisation’s unique business proposition is to plough the operating profit back to the artisans and weavers whose entrepreneurship has been pivotal to Biswa Bangla’s success.

We have left the drapes open so that you an gaze into the soul of our land and its people and feel the love and hard work that has gone into making our handicrafts, our hand-woven fabric, our food, and our distinct identity.

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